Remote Screen Capture

Monitor Employees

Instantly see what your employees are doing on their computers

Track your user’s activity by capturing screenshots of their computers. Identify users who are spending excessive amounts of company/school time on unauthorized sites, chats, games etc.

To take a screenshot for future references, simply click on the “Take Screenshot” button and type in the file name and file directory you want to save the screenshot at.

For computers with more than one monitor, remote screen capture supports dual screen monitors.

How to use Remote Screen Capture

  1. Select the computer on the left hand panel of the CurrentWare console
  2. Under the BrowseReporter tab, click on the remote screen capture button
  3. A window will now appear to display the screen of the remote computer
remote computer screen capture

With Remote Screen Capture, you will be able to see what your users are doing on their computer in real time. 

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