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What is BrowseReporter?

BrowseReporter is the perfect employee monitoring software

It is an effective tool for tracking websites visited, bandwidth consumption and application usage.

Monitor Internet usage by capturing websites visited

Measure bandwidth consumption

Track active application usage

Measure each session with active focused time

Email activity reports directly to your inbox

Remotely view your users’ desktop screens

Monitor computers and users centrally


Sample Employee Activity Reports

Sites Visited, Total Browsing Time, Top 10 Application usage, Keywords Searched and more!


How does BrowseReporter track employee activities?



Install the CurrentWare Client on employee computers.

Track Data

Tracking of all employee activity (websites visited and applications used) will be captured, along with the date and active time.

Run Report

Run tracking reports from the console to identify unproductive employees abusing Internet usage.

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Employee Monitoring Software

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