BrowseReporter – Internet Activity Monitoring Software

BrowseReporter, an employee Internet monitoring solution, is an effective tool for tracking Internet and bandwidth usage. Employing BrowseReporter as an Internet monitoring software, provides a cost effective solution for granular Internet tracking.

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Internet Monitoring

BrowseReporter effectively monitors Internet usage by capturing the urls visited, the bandwidth consumed and the time spent at each site. The drill-down capabilities of the Report Manager provide Internet browsing activity in both tabular or graphical formats.

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The Internet usage data is analyzed and presented in comprehensible formats, providing administrators with an effective means of monitoring employees who abuse the Internet usage policies.

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Comprehensive Reporting

BrowseReporter, features extensive reports and charts providing an in-depth analysis of employee browsing activity.

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User Internet activity in terms of sites visited, duration of visit, time of visit and bandwidth consumption are presented at both the detail and summary levels. The Report Manager, offers the flexibility of analyzing data at the user or computer level.

Scheduled Email Reports for Internet Tracking
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Automatically Email Reports

Reports can be generated interactively or scheduled to be automatically generated and emailed to management. This ensures that management has regular access to data for monitoring excessive or offensive Internet surfing activity.

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Employee Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring is one of the key elements of network security. Uploading or downloading large files such as streaming radio and video can cause severe congestion of network traffic, ultimately affecting the productivity of all employees across the enterprise.

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BrowseReporter’s advanced bandwidth monitoring reports provide detail analysis of the distribution of bandwidth usage across the enterprise. Monitor both the send and received bandwidth consumption. Trace irregular bandwidth distribution to the actual source of the url. Isolate excessive bandwidth usage to the specific user(s) or computer(s).

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Remote Screen Capture

Employee monitoring is an essential component of securing employee productivity. Monitor your employees’ computers remotely from the convenience of the CurrentWare console.

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Gather real time screenshots of their computers to inspect what your employees are working on. Remote screen capture is an effective means of identifying users who waste excessive company time on playing games or browsing to non-work related sites.

View your employee's computer monitor in real time to see what they are browsing
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URL Tracking Scheduler

Tracking employee Internet activity at all times can often result in an accumulation of excessive amounts of data. For example, it may be more beneficial to monitor the Internet activity of employees during business hours only.

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The URL Tracking Scheduler, provides the flexibility of assigning the specific date/time of collecting web browsing data. The Internet tracking data outside of these hours will not be collected. This helps to manage the database size.

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Inactive or Idle Browsing Time

Measuring employee Internet usage of sites that are minimized or left inactive can often lead to misleading browsing activity. Web activities that are perceived to be inactive or idle can be suppressed from the final report by defining the “Idle Time” parameter.

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This function is optional, however, it can be very useful in filtering out inactive urls from the final report. URLs with a web session period longer than the idle time limit will be suppressed from the reports.

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Exclusion List

The BrowseReporter reports typically serve the purpose of highlighting excessive web activity that violates company Internet usage policy.

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To help identify the offensive sites form the company authorized sites, BrowseReporter features the Exclusion List utility. URLs listed in the Exclusion List can be suppressed from the reports, thus allowing management to easily track employees browsing activity.