Integration BrowseReporter with BrowseControl

The BrowseReporter reports provide detailed information of Internet surfing activity, the time of visits and the duration of these visits. Once the non work related and time wasting websites have been identified, managers can take action on this by adding the websites to BrowseControl, our Internet restriction solution.

One common course of action is to export the list of abusive websites and import this list to BrowseControl’s Blocked list. By using BrowseControl, you can block employee Internet access to time wasting websites.

Alternatively, these reports are also beneficial in identifying websites that are relevant to your business. In this case, the URLs can be exported to BrowseControl’s Allowed list.

The websites can be exported directly to the BrowseControl software using the CurrentWare Console. This list is exported to the “URL Filter List” of BrowseControl. In addition, the websites can also be exported to a text file.

You can use BrowseReporter along with our Internet Restriction Software - BrowseControl