Internet tracking icon
Monitor web browsing on a per user or per computer basis: BrowseReporter can record the surfing behaviour on a per user or a per computer basis. (more details)
Internet usage reports icon
Executive/ Detail Level Reports: BrowseReporter provides an easy to use reporting utility that generates comprehensive reports on employees monitored. (more details)
Application Usage Tracking
Application Usage Tracking: Monitoring application usage on your computers will help you understand what type of applications your employees are running. This will help you identify employees that are productive vs. employees that are wasting time on distracting applications. (more details)
Bandwidth monitoring icon
Bandwidth Monitoring: Monitor the bandwidth on your network to identify offensive users or computers with excessive traffic activity. (more details)
email reports to manager icon
Email Reports: The BrowseReporter Internet activities reports can automatically be generated and emailed to the managers and administrators. (more details)
remote screen capture icon
Remote Screen Capture: Monitor employees and students computer activities by capturing screenshots of their computers on regular intervals. (more details)
Spy on Employee
Non-intrusive program: BrowseReporter is very small program that runs in the background as a Service. (more details)
friendly console icon
User Friendly Console: BrowseReporter includes an easy to use interface. (more details)
Integration with BrowseControl icon
Export URLs to BrowseControl: Directly export the domains in a report to the blocked list of BrowseControl for Internet Control Management. (more details)
idle time limit icon
Idle Browsing Time Limit: Internet activities that are perceived to be inactive or idle can be suppressed from the final report by defining the “Idle Time” (more details)
deploy client icon
Remote Installation of Clients: BrowseReporter Clients can now be installed remotely from the Console on any system available on the network. (more details)
exclusion list icon
Exclusion List: Excluded List utility on the BrowseReporter Console allows the URL’s in the excluded list to be suppressed from the report. (more details)
schedule URL tracking icon
Schedule URL Tracking: Through the URL Tracking Scheduler, you can schedule the time ranges when the Internet activity should be collected. (more details)
central database icon
Web browsing data stored centrally: Data from each client PC is stored centrally on the administrator’s system. On a daily basis, the data is scheduled to be uploaded from the client PC to the central database. The latest data can also be requested on an ad-hoc basis.