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The Internet has increasingly become more pervasive in the workplace and schools, adding to the IT challenge of implementing effective solutions for managing the Internet usage of employees and students. As the Internet usage grows, employee productivity continues to decline.

Blocking or filtering the Internet can often result in employee resentment. Studies have shown that allowing employees to browse the Internet for personal use, during short breaks, provides a mental rest which ultimately results in more motivated and productive employees.

Allowing reasonable personal Internet surfing that falls within company Internet Usage Policies, in addition to implementing an Internet Monitoring solution can provide a sensible balance.

BrowseReporter provides an effective solution for monitoring Internet usage while still allowing users access to the web.

employee being managed

The Benefits of BrowseReporter include:

Identify employee computers where excessive Internet activity is occurring.
Isolate unproductive employees and students who are spending exceptionally large amounts of time surfing the Internet for personal use.
Generate and run executive summary, detailed level usage reports and charts for monitoring employee Internet usage.
Identify sources (Users/PCs) of high bandwidth usage which could contribute to network congestion.
Monitor employees/students by capturing screens of their workstations on a regular basis. This provides you with real time information of their work/study activities.
Automate the process of running/emailing reports on a scheduled basis to interested parties for tracking employee Internet use.
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