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BrowseReporter is an Employee Monitoring Software that Tracks Internet Browsing Activity

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Employee Internet Monitoring

Monitor Internet sites visited and isolate employees that abuse the company web usage policy. Monitoring employee Internet browsing activity will restrict excessive indulgence on time wasting sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online shopping, chat, sports and more. How to monitor Internet usage

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Internet Tracking Reports

Effortlessly generate Internet usage reports and instantly track employee web usage. Notice improved productivity once the employees are aware that Internet activity tracking is enforced. Protect your business from risk of harmful Internet activity by tracking and reporting on employee web usage. How to track Internet activity

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Internet Bandwidth Monitor

Track Employees bandwidth consumption to help you identify sources of bandwidth problems across the company network. The bandwidth reports help you locate the exact source of excessive bandwidth usage by users, computers and websites. How to report on bandwidth usage

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Remote Screen Capture

Are you suspicious of your employees productivity? Remotely track employee activity by capturing screenshots of their desktops. Remote Screen Capture allows you to check what your employees are doing instantly. How to capture employee screens.

What is BrowseReporter?

BrowseReporter is the perfect employee monitoring software. It is an effective software for tracking Internet usage and bandwidth usage.

  • Monitors Internet usage by capturing the urls visited, the bandwidth consumed and the time spent at each site.
  • Report Internet browsing activity in both tabular or graphical formats.
  • Track activity based on Active Time
  • Send Email Report automatically to manager based on a schedule
  • Remotely view your users’ desktop screen

Employing BrowseReporter as an Internet monitoring software, provides a cost effective solution for granular Internet tracking.

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How BrowseReporter tracks Internet Usage?

Install the client on your employee's computer
Install CurrentWare Client on your computers to track employee’s Internet usage.
Monitor Employees browsing on the Internet
Every website visited will be tracked, along with the date and time of duration.
BrowseReporter uploads the Internet activities to the Server
Real time data of employee activities, sent to the CurrentWare Server every few seconds
Run report on Employee Internet activities
Run reports from the Console to identify employees that are abusing Internet usage.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

In today’s computer environment, it is very important to keep track of your user’s Internet activities to control Internet access.

BrowseReporter can help you prevent employees from misusing the Internet and enable the administrator to get feedback on sites that need to be restricted. Here are some benefits of BrowseReporter:

  • Identify employee computers where excessive Internet activity is occurring.
  • Isolate unproductive employees and students who are spending exceptionally large amounts of time surfing the Internet for personal use.
  • Identify sources (Users/PCs) of high bandwidth usage

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Do you have Employees that are abusing Internet Usage in your business?